Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

April 4, 2023


“HOW DO YOU BAIT A HUGE TRAP that has been set to CAPTURE many DARK-HEARTED people? How do you ensure they will FLOCK to the TRAP, THROWING CAUTION ASIDE and HUNGRILY pursuing the JUICY BAIT? You BAIT the TRAP with something that has continued to be OUT OF REACH and BEYOND CAPTURING. Why not INTENTIONALLY use what they have worked so hard to CAPTURE and DESTROY, but has proved to be an ELUSIVE target? The darkness’ ARROGANCE is so great that they will BELIEVE the BAIT they’ve LONG DESIRED has been CAPTURED by them. They think the PRISON DOORS will now CLOSE on the one that has STOOD IN THE WAY of their TAKEOVER. Do not FEAR if things SEEM to be working AGAINST the one who has been FIGHTING FOR YOU. See this through My EYES, and I will SHOW you a BRILLIANT TRAP conceived in the War Room of Heaven that is now being PLAYED OUT by those I’ve ANOINTED on the earth to FULFILL this plan. As the RATS gather GREEDILY around the PREY, I will SWING the PRISON DOORS of My TRAP SHUT ON THEM, and I will FREE the leader who has answered My CALL to RESTORE FREEDOM and RIGHTEOUSNESS to your Nation. NO FRETTING, Army of Light! Just keep PUSHING the darkness DEEPER and DEEPER into the TRAP. DECLARE: everything the darkness meant for you and your leader is NOW THEIR FUTURE!”

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