Charlie Shamp November 17, 2023

There has been a great deception released by the enemy during this time in the garden of the Lord. The serpent of accusation is attempting to harm the body of Christ, beware!

Recently I had a very vivid dream where I saw a spirit moving upon some believers to bring accusation against others in the body of Christ. In the dream there was a gang mentality to bring judgement upon Christians that they felt were not barring enough fruit in their lives. A self-righteous spirit had blinded their eyes and the spirit of religion was weighing down their shoulders.

In the dream I saw a large orchard and the Angel of the Lord spoken to me, “These are the righteous trees planted in the garden of the Lord. I saw trees of all different sizes and different fruit. Some were growing fast, others slow and steady. Some were in full bloom, others had just a little bit of fruit starting to come forth upon their branches.

The Angel of the Lord said, “Charlie, different fruit ripens during different seasons. Always remember trees take time to grow. Never judge a tree by a single season.” I looked at a tender plant that had just come forth. It looked so fragile and had no fruit. Other trees had a good amount of fruit hanging from their branches. Then I saw large trees with just a little fruit upon them. I thought to myself, “All the trees in the garden of the Lord are beautiful.”

The Angel spoke again, “You are seeing from the eyes of your Father. Now watch carefully at what is happening; some have taken their mantles of discerning of spirits and made them into ropes of accusation against the brethren.” I looked and saw several people tying up another individual and pointing at the person’s tree, I was horrified by the scene! They were attempting to hang the person from their own tree because they felt they didn’t bare enough fruit.

The Angel of the Lord spoke to me this final word, “Protect the trees in your Father’s garden. Don’t allow the enemy of accusation to touch the trees under your care. Sit yourselves under the tree of David to watch and pray. Resist the devil, and he will flee. Tell the people to stay faithful and they will continue to grow. In time their fruit will speak for itself.”

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