Charlie Shamp July 31, 2023

God is raising up Prince Psalmist to set the captives free from greed.

In a dream I was taken into a large worship gathering. In this dream I saw the most unusual people leading worship, but the power of God was so present upon their lives. With every song the spirit of God seemed to get more intense and the glory of the Lord was coming in waves upon the congregation.

While the presence of the Lord was invading there were some sitting in the crowd who were highly offended. I saw them sitting in their seats far from the front rejecting the songs simply because they judged the outward appearance of the worship team. With each passing moment I could see their hearts becoming more hard and angry by how God was moving.

I looked to the altar to see the Holy Spirit ministering to many in a very powerful way. There were waves of deliverance taking place and people were throwing things upon the altar. I was so shocked to see many were throwing bags of money; which brought rage upon the ones sitting a far off.

I turned to look and standing beside me was an angel. He spoke to me these words, “The Lord is raising up new prophetic Psalmists in the earth, they are the Lord’s Prince Psalmists. They will cause the people to lay at the Altar whatever has been holding them captive. They will freely lay it on the altar to the Lord in exchange for His Glory.”

The Angel again looked at me and said, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

In America the people will lay down their greed at the Altar in exchange for the glory of the Lord. They will lay down their love for money in exchange for loving Him. They will offer everything willingly on the altar in the Day of His power to see the great harvest come in. They will lay down their lives and not be afraid to die. They will give it all to Him.” 

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