November 15,2022 3:54am

Prophetic Word: America the Beautiful –

The tipping point is here.

The bowls are full!

It is time to cross over!

Respectfully Submitted

Barry Wunsch


Barry, Tell my people, today changes everything.

The Republic as you have known is changing forever.

Watch with me today as the door you have been waiting for stands before you.

For I have used the most unlikely men throughout history.

And America the great, once again I have done it right before you.

I am not the God of chaos.

That is the enemy’s way.

Watch me as I put this Nation back on the ancient foundation that I designed for her, and that Foundation is me!

I will not ever surrender to another.

Today you are in the crux of history and the eyes of the world are upon you.

For In this moment the decisions and the moves that are made, shall not only pivot this Nation into truth righteousness and justice but it will open the door for many other nations to come into their place!

America the Beautiful You do not stand alone! For on this day, I am bringing hosts of heaven on to the land in measures that you’ve yet to see!

So do not fear, and do not tremble for I am with you and I am for you!

There is nothing that will stop this now!

The tipping point is here.

The bowls are full!

It is time to cross over!

Holy is the word of the Lord

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