Barry Wunsch January 19, 2024

Prophetic Word: The corporations that parade as Governments & use my people as chattel are coming down!!

Holy Spirit woke me this morning at 4 am and was stirring me and pulling me into the Spirt with Him. He spoke to me and gave me Micah 5:13. As I got up and read the Word of God and was spending time with Him, I had this word dropped on me. As always, here it is – just as it came.


The impression I had from Holy Spirit this morning is that we are on the very verge of change and that there is a major catalyst – event that is going take place, it will trigger the unraveling of some major National and International events that are all part of Gods plan. There is nothing that can stop what is coming!

Stay strong. Stay diligent. Above all else, remain postured in Him.


Prophetic Word

“Barry, tell my people things are unspooling right now, and unspooling quickly!

Barry, tell my people what has been locked up tight – is about to be released for the Nations to see!

The Globalist fraud that has controlled and oppressed my people shall be brought to justice!

I am bringing it all into the light!

The witchcraft and manipulation used by these elite demonized pawns is being exposed.

The rebirthing of Nations is at hand!

I am bringing freedom to my people!

The corporations that parade as Governments and use my people as chattel are coming down!!

Their leaders are coming down and being taken out one way or another!

These imposters, these posers, these evil tyrants are being removed!

They have oppressed my people for too long!

My people were not created for slavery! My people were created for Freedom!

The Gold is mine, the Silver is mine! It does not belong to them!

I am cleaning out their war chest and am taking it back for My people!

I will cripple them financially! I will bring them to ruins!

Enough is enough!

They shall run around like foxes with their tails on fire!

They will have no where to hide or find cover from My justice that is being served!

I am releasing My remnant in this hour to move forward with Me!

I have called you, and you know who you are!

The time is upon us to rebuild upon My statutes!

I am calling My people, My Nations to My Kingdom Governance!

I am rebirthing the Nations under ME! Do you not perceive it?

Ecclesia it is time to arise!  Ecclesia it is time to advance!

Do not let fear and unbelief stop you and hold you back any longer!

I know the battle and the resistance that has been against you!

You will soon come to understand the strength I have put within you to arise and overcome it all in Me!

I have righteous leaders I am launching against all odds as they have submitted to My call!

The enemy will not be able to stop them as they abide in me!

Behold Me!

Behold My Kingdom!

Behold My Kingdom ways you surely will not be disappointed!

Freedom is at hand!

Holly is the word of the Lord.

Micah 5: 10-15

10 “In that day,” declares the LORD,

“I will destroy your horses from among you

and demolish your chariots.(W)

11 I will destroy the cities(X) of your land

and tear down all your strongholds.(Y)

12 I will destroy your witchcraft

and you will no longer cast spells.(Z)

13 I will destroy your idols(AA)

and your sacred stones from among you;(AB)

you will no longer bow down

to the work of your hands.(AC)

14 I will uproot from among you your Asherah poles[e](AD)

when I demolish your cities.

15 I will take vengeance(AE) in anger and wrath

on the nations that have not obeyed me.”

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