Prophetic Encounter, America Justice, Espionage and Treason

January 13, 2023

Respectfully Submitted

Barry Wunsch

During a time of worship and soaking with the Lord

I was taken into the spirit into a room where I saw a big round vault door, it was partially open and approx. 12′ in diameter, 2′ thick.


In an instant I was taken from this room to outside of the building for a mere second or two and I realized that I was in the depths of the Pentagon, and just as fast as I was outside, I was back at the vault.


As I got closer to the vault I was able to see that it was a highly secure storage vault.

There was racking down both sides and half a dozen or so rows in between.

I heard a rustling in the vault and saw some movement.

As I got closer and peered into the door, there was a man there going through a few boxes of files.

He had a push cart with him that he appeared to be using to wheel about  some of these file boxes.

He appeared nervous and fidgety, and was working quickly.

He was by him self. There was no one else in sight or around the area.

When he had gathered all that he was looking for he came out of the vault with his cart of files, closed and locked the door with a security code, went down the hallway into another room where he then boxed these files up in rugged plastic looking bins, and sealed them with a high tech security clip.

I watched as he finished packing them up and pull out three cell phones.

He began messages on two of the phones.


I was shown a Chinese official receive his message, and it was clear that things were in play. He was clearly going to be the recipient of these sensitive files that had been pulled.


It was not long until there was a plain white service van that backed up to a loading bay of some sort where these boxes were then rolled out to be quickly loaded and driven away.

He was as cool as a cucumber at this point working in plain sight.


I also saw a man dressed in black, I watched as he received his message, just as I watched the first.

As soon as he read it, he called Joe Biden’s Chief of staff to advise them things where in play and on route to the Chinese.


I watched this man in black then message Hilary Clinton and bring her up to speed.


There was an investigation on going that was getting too close and they were forced to make a high risk play.

Holy Spirit then spoke to me:

Barry tell my people that there is nothing done in darkness that won’t be brought into the light.

Tell my people that I am going to connect all the dots!

Barry tell my people that the greatest security breach in American history will soon be on display for the Nations to see.

There will be nothing left to the imagination!

Espionage and treason on the highest levels shall all be held to account!

No longer shall it be hidden and swept under the carpet!

Those days are done, those days are behind you!

Prepare for the changing of the guard!

For there will not be one enemy left by the time I am done.

They will try to run, resign or retire but to no avail!

For there is nowhere they hide from me.

For in corruption they removed good men and women from places and positions of high authority to stack their deck to play their game.

Let it be known and let it be clear that on this day I am calling the righteous  back into position and back into place!

Once again will America know the power and might of My hand!

There is nothing that has been compromised that I can not use for my Glory!

There is no breach that I can not handle!

The investigation is about to escalate!

Prosecutors prepare!

Evidence is coming your way!

Justice is about to be served!

Holy is the word of the Lord

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