Amanda Grace Dream from October 27, 2023

During the night of 10.27.23–Dream of President Trump

I was standing on a golf course and there were others with me. President Trump was dressed in a white polo shirt, white hat, and medium-colored grey pants. He appeared to have a putter. His hair was frazzled and he was worked up. He looked a bit frazzled and unkempt. I was zoomed in on to his leg for a moment; I believe it was his right leg–the pant leg was lifted up, and he had a very large bruise, black and blue on the side of the calf area expanding the entire calf and in the middle there was an open wound. There was a wound beginning to open. Now, I am standing back with others on the golf course and the golf ball is a bit of a distance from the hole. President Trump lifted up his club, ran towards the ball, brought his club down, and hit that ball hard, and it made a straight line like a rocket to the hole and went in! The pants over the wound on the leg represents a coverup. He has this very large wound, and he is trying to run at the ball, which will open up that wound even more. He thinks it’s covered up, but it’s about to be opened up and the Lord is going to allow it. When a wound opens up like that, it’s usually from some kind of infection that has to come out. As ugly as it may be, it has to happen and come out. Whatever they are covering up is going to be opened up because that wound is open. It’s not going to be very pleasant, and it has to do with Trump.

This is a Jacob moment!! Jacob, wrestling with the Lord and the angel of the Lord, getting Jacob by the head of his leg and putting his hip out of joint. Once one is in that position, they can’t move.

This is why we see what’s happening in court to him, happening. By chance, the ball still goes into the hole. Trump is still trying to do things in a prideful way, his own way that is not submitting to the rules. That is not submitting to the way the Lord wants him, the Lord’s law, the Lord’s rules, and the Lord needs him to do this because that wound is going to get opened up.

A man is not going to save America, man is a tool in the hands of Almighty God, HE IS A TOOL THAT THE LORD UTILIZES, a man himself cannot save America, it is Almighty God!!!

However, once that wrestling match happened between Jacob and the Lord, Jacob was put on a different trajectory (path) going forward and submitted to the Lord, in which the 12 tribes of Israel were birthed. 12 meaning government and rule.

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